R&D Tax Credits for Internet Services: over £33,000 in government funding claimed by internet services company under HMRC scheme.

This case study details the R&D tax credits successfully claimed for an internet services client. The client developed a web application platform allowing users to gain access to cars through a subscription model rather than through purchase. This gives users more flexibility in the duration of usage, and variety in type of car to choose from.

Due to the development of multiple new technologies to facilitate the process, the client was eligible for R&D tax credits of over £33,000.

These innovations facilitate the transaction using digital efficiency to process compliance checks, offer vehicles, switch cars, and process payments. Additionally they have developed telematic and geolocation technology to locate their cars and reduce insurance costs. Furthermore, their claim included ongoing  research and development into keyless entry and ignition technology to allow for remote vehicle activation.

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At R&D Expert, we are increasingly identifying many companies working in the sector that could benefit from this important source of funding. Many more businesses can increase funding for further innovation by claiming as much as they are entitled to in R&D Tax Credits for Luxury Cosmetics product development.

Unfortunately, due to confusion over the government-backed funding, many companies are yet to claim the tax relief or cashback they deserve. We generally see businesses falling into two categories. First of all, businesses that are yet to claim at all as they do not realise they are eligible. Another scenario we regularly see are businesses not receiving the credit they deserve because they have not optimised their previous claims. However, we have many examples of previous success stories. So, it is always worth speaking to a Specialist. Because only the minority of cases are straightforward.

How do I know if my internet services company could claim R&D Tax Credits? Consider:

  • Do you develop new or regularly change the way you make products?
  • Do you undertake activities that seek to improve products, materials, processes, services or devices through technological or scientific changes?
  • Have you faced technical product or process challenges that you have tried to resolve?
  • Do you develop software, IT solutions or products?
  • Have you sought to develop or improve your manufacturing or engineering processes?
  • Have you improved or sought to improve manufacturing, process or service efficiency or costs?
  • Do you undertake sampling, testing, trials or develop prototypes or tools?

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